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Our Littlest Learners...The Ants

About Our Classroom
Welcome to the classroom for Small World's littlest learners, the Ants! We may be little, but we are big on learning new things and reaching milestones. To do so, our Ants Classroom provides a safe and nurturing environment that reflects each child's individual needs. Whether we are learning how to crawl or how to walk, our Ants are busy! Our classroom is set up and maintained with interest areas for our growing babies to explore and learn at their own pace. We do so by providing established schedules and routines, organized choice times and daily small group activities.
In the Ants Classroom, we also recognize the importance of establishing a home/school connection. We want to build a partnership with our families, and we do so by communicating daily information about your child. Even at learning's earliest stages, a child must feel secure and cared for to be able to learn at his fullest potential. Our goal is to prepare him for the next learning adventure...The Honeybee Class!

About Our Day

  • Greeting/ Quiet Activities
  • Diaper Changing/ Mozart Moment/ Storytime
  • Circle Time
  • Playground Time
  • Diaper Changing
  • Daily Activity/ Learning Centers
  • Handwashing/ Lunch
  • Playground Time
  • Diaper Changing/ Mozart Moment
  • Naptime
  • Free Play/ Learning Centers
  • Diaper Changing
  • Handwashing/ Snack
  • Playground Time

**This schedule reflects every child's individual needs and can vary
depending on the needs of the children in the group.**

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