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Hop on in...We're the Growing Grasshoppers!
About Our Classroom

Our focus in the Grasshopper Room is to give each child a secure, loving and safe learning environment that provides opportunities for exploration and peer interaction, with an emphasis on cooperative play. We do so by providing our students with the structure and guidance they need throughout their day as they learn to share, problem solve, communicate with others and perform tasks that will develop their self-help skills.  Our daily learning activities are centered around developing language and communication skills through singing songs, playing games, listening to stories and doing art activities that promote language and vocabulary development. Our goal is to help your child become an independent learner and problem solver.

Since many of the children in our class are in the “potty training” stage of life, we help to further promote your child’s independence by providing assistance while potty training. When your child is ready, we want to partner with you to help make this experience positive and successful. We do so by providing guidance and encouragement every step of the way. We want your child to feel excited about his/her new-found independence, and we are here to help!

Our long-term goal in the Grasshopper Class is to prepare your child for the journey that will eventually lead him/her into the Ladybug/Caterpillar Class. Encouraging him/her to communicate with others, problem solve and become independent are lessons that will not only help your child be successful in our next classroom, but beyond, as a lifelong learner. Welcome to the Grasshopper Class!

About Our Day

  • Greeting/ Quiet Activities
  • Music- Morning Stretch/ Ci
    rcle Time/ Literacy Activity
  • Learning Centers/ Small Group activity
  • Playground Time
  • Music and Movement- Literacy Activity
  • Handwashing/ Lunch
  • Bathroom/ Diaper Changing/ Playground Time
  • Naptime
  • Bathroom/ Diaper Changing
  • Snacktime
  • Storytime/ Music and Movement
  • Playground
  • Quiet Activity

**This schedule reflects every child's individual needs and can

vary depending on the needs of the children in the group.**

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