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Program Philosophy
It is the philosophy of Small World that early childhood be a time of fun, warmth, exploring and discovery. Preschool children are naturally creative, receptive, active and enthusiastic learners. Our teachers strive to nurture and encourage these qualities.

Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere that promotes social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development of the child as a whole.

Our Curriculum

The goal of our program is to expose children to a wide variety of experiences. During the preschool years, children learn more by pretending, acting, constructing, singing, listening and sharing with friends.

Therefore, we approach the learning process through an emergent curriculum, which emphasizes the interests of the child. Our teachers are skilled in developing daily lesson plans that meet the needs and interests of the children they are working with.

Lesson plans are posted in each classroom and are kept on file as a means of documentation. These documents are available for review by parents, the director, visitors, and any childcare governing agency.
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